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Asheville Handyman Services


Looking for a handyman in Asheville?

from indoor to outdoor,

commercial to domestic



Carpentry Repairs

  • Customize cabinetry to fit a larger microwave

  • Frame doorways

  • Install exterior and interior doors

  • Install a door where there is a wall

  • Deck repair

  • Subfloor repairs

  • Floor installation (e.g., installing a floor in a stairwell to block off the lower level for renters)

  • Quarter round

  • Crown molding

  • Baseboards

  • Dog/cat door installation

  • Install door knobs

  • Slab door installations

  • Retractable attic stair installation

Empty Shelves

Shelving Repairs & Installation

  • Install new shelves (where none were before)

  • Replace old shelving with new shelves or convert to a different style

Storage Space Conversions

  • Convert spaces into storage (e.g., install flooring in an attic to make it usable for storage)

Flooring Wooden Floor

Bedroom Repairs & Installations

  • Install ceiling fans

  • Change light switches to be either both fan and light or separate

  • Install televisions

  • Shim doors and fix latching assemblies (i.e., if the door to the room and closet do not close appropriately, can fully fix the door to work appropriately)


Kitchen Repairs & Installations

  • Faucet installation

  • Backsplash installation

  • Microwave installation

  • Minor plumbing fixes

  • Garbage disposal exchange

  • Install brand new garbage disposal

  • Fix cabinet doors to close properly (by trimming and rehanging)

  • Add lights under cabinets

  • Change outlets to GFCI

  • Install stove/oven

  • Minor repairs of stove/oven (like knobs, etc)

  • Install dishwasher

  • Install flooring (laminate, tile, vinyl)

  • Replace portions of wood flooring

  • Install decorative ceiling tile

Flooring Repairs & Installations

  • Install laminate flooring

  • Fix wood flooring

Clean Kitchen
Floor Installation

Garden Sheds, Summer Houses,

& Gazebos

  • Repair or restore lattice work completely (have removed the ivy from old lattice, replaced the lattice, painted it, and then put the ivy back on the point you would never know it was not there to begin with)

  • Paint or stain shed doors

  • Build sheds, summer houses, and gazebos

  • Repaint sheds, summer houses, and gazebos

  • Pressure wash sheds, summer houses, and gazebos

  • Clean gutters on sheds, summer houses, and gazebos

Ceiling & Roofing Repairs

  • Repair shingles

  • Fix flashing work

  • Install gutters

  • Repair gutters

  • Clean gutters

  • Ceiling repair and repaint

  • Decorative ceiling tile placement

  • Crown molding installation and repair

Gate, Fence, & Garage Door Installation

& Repair

  • Repair garage doors (springs, latches, locks, install garage door opener, repair and replace seals)

  • Repair weapons garage doors

  • Repair, paint, and clean gates

  • Repair, paint, and clean fences

Minor Plumbing Work

  • Repair faucets

  • Replace faucets

  • Fix leaky pipes

  • Snake small drains

  • Replace sinks

  • Replace vanities

  • Replace toilets

  • Repair toilets

  • Replace toilet seals

Minor Electrical Work

  • Reverse polarity on outlets (can fail inspections with this and sometimes devices require correct polarity to work)

  • Replace outlets, replace switches, add dimmers, replace lighting, replace ceiling fans, replace switch covers, convert to GFCI outlets

Appliance Installation

  • Can install any appliance except HVAC

  • Can install all Nests/Rings

  • Home automation installation

Fixing the Roof
Wooden Garage
Electrical Work
Digital Stove

Siding Repair

  • Repair and replace newer siding

External Jobs, Repairs, & Installations

  • Gutter cleaning, repair, and installation

  • Replace and install mailboxes

  • Install yard signs (for a business)

  • Gate and fence installation and repairs

  • Outside structures like sheds, gazebos, and summer houses

  • Garage repairs

  • Minor siding repairs

House in Suburb
Climbing a Ladder

Pressure Spraying

  • Pressure spray (power wash): decks, fences, driveways, houses, sidewalks

Backyard Washing
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